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        My wife & I established Asignfromhome.com with one clear goal in mind – to provide a nostalgic infused slice of home for loved ones living abroad. We aimed to create a unique & personal memento that provided people with a physical representation of their life journey as well as a reminder of that special place where it all began.

          In the modern world, families & friends are spread out far & wide across the globe. Just like most people, we too have family members who are living abroad – primarily in Canada & Australia. Every time we plan a visit to these places, we make sure to bring small reminders of home with us. These include things that our loved ones miss from home, such as sweets or food that cannot be found in their adopted homelands. We find that our family adore these little gifts as it gives them a lovely whack of nostalgia! During one such trip, we got thinking about how it would be nice to give our family members living abroad something a bit more permanent & a bit more personal. From these ponderings, A Sign From Home was born.

          As the saying goes, there really is no place like home. While it's marvelous that people can move around the globe & experience new cultures with ease, it's important to have a reminder of that special place from whence you came. This is what we hope to achieve with our traditional street signs – to provide loved ones with a unique & personal token of their homeland that also reaffirms the journey that they're on.

         Thank you very much for visiting our site & taking the time to read where our inspiration came from. We wish you & your loved ones all the best in your continuing journey, & remember, no matter how far we all may travel during our lives, home is most definitely where the heart lies!

Best wishes,       

Colin & Catherine
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